Gina Avile

Hello, my name is Gina Avile. I'm a 24 year old recent graduate from the University of Central Florida, graduating with a BA in Journalism and a minor in cinema studies. 

I've had editorial and social media internships at Bonnier Corporation (Scuba Diving & Sport Diver magazines), Watermark Media and the Winter Park/ Maitland Observer. I have also been a contributing writer at the Central Florida Future since Fall 2014, and have done story packages for Knightly News, a college news outlet featuring videos.

I have experience editing and producing video through iMovie, as well as photography experience. I own a DSLR camera and love taking my own photos. I have also worked with InDesign, Photoshop, iStock, Shutterstock, Adobe Analytics and Omniture. I have social media experience, using Hootsuite, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other various mediums on a daily basis. I also have experience in editing using AP Style. 

I was a small business owner from 2014- January 2016, owning Derogatory Doughnuts, which gave me experience in recipe writing, baking, marketing and blogging to create web traffic for business. I also know to utilize SEO practices. 

I inspire to work in the journalism field covering a wide range of topics, everything from hard news to features. Cooking is one of my main hobbies and passions, so I would especially love writing for a publication related to food journalism. 

Seminole County preschools go high-tech

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UCF grad makes more than $10,000 through egg donation

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UCF Screenwriting Club seeks to prove film major not the only way to cinematic success

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UCF alumni head Animal Rights Foundation of Florida

3 sources, 539 words - Your memories of the circus may be innocent, but UCF grad Bryan Wilson says the "cruelest show on earth" is anything but. "The circus tries to create a fantasy," he said. "In reality, these animals suffer routine physical and psychological abuse." As coordinators for the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida, a nonprofit activist group, Bryan and his wife Carla can be seen around Orlando almost every weekend protesting for animal rights. However, Stephen Payne, vice president of Corporate Commu